HomeWhite and Modern Corner Bathtub by Albatros – Suri 140

White and Modern Corner Bathtub by Albatros – Suri 140

Corner Bathtubs Albatros

Corner Bathtubs Albatros – simple and modern corner bathtub

Corner bathtubs are a great way to make the most of a small space, so if you are doing a remodel you may want to consider one of these white corner bathub by Albartos â'Suri 140. A stunning design, and looks so cool with its simple modern lines and timeless appeal. The rounded interior is also a nice design choice and has a velvety soft touch. But Suriis more than just a bathtub, itâ's a wellness tub. Equipped with 7 whirlpool jets and 12 airpool valves that when turned on gives the effects of a lymphatic drainage massage for instant relaxation an rejuvenation and enjoy the incredible freshness withcorner bathtub.

Bathtub Accessories Suri 140

Bathtub Accessories Suri 140 – corner bathtub design ideas

Bathtub Suri 140 by Albatros

Bathtub Suri 140 by Albatros – corner bathrub design

Bath Tub Albatros Suri 140

Bath Tub Albatros Suri 140 – corner bathtub inspiration

Corner Bathtub Albatros

Corner Bathtub Albatros – white corner bathtub

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