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Volkswagen Beetle Very Unique Sofa

Black Volkswagen Beetle Sofa

Black Volkswagen Beetle Sofa – Unique sofa design

Excellent , sofa that mimic the backseat of the car Volswagen Beetle is very unique.  Seats are very comfortable and soft with various accessories such as wheels, bumpers and lights,  flashing lights. It is suitable kept indoors to accompany the spare time while sitting on the couch with the VW Beetle. With a choice of yellow, red and black like the original color of the VW Beetle is very unique, satisfaction and pride youâ'll feel to have this sofa.

Red Volkswagen Beetle Sofa

Red Volkswagen Beetle Sofa – comfortable sofa design

Yellow Volkswagen Beetle Sofa

Yellow Volkswagen Beetle Sofa – furniture sofa design

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