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Table Lamps Inspired by Flamenco Skirt – Flamenca

Glass Lamp Flamenca

Glass Lamp Flamenca – table lamp design ideas

Inspired by Spanish music and dance typical of the Gypsy, or gitano. Flamenco dancing is characterized by colorful costumes or  twirl of a flamenco skirt itâ's make QisDesign pours his ideas in a beautiful light called Flamenca.  Using LED technology and available in three colors (pink, orange and green), Flamenca lights are not only decorative, but they can help achieve a sort of magical ambiance, whether in your bedroom, study, or for an evening gathering at home. Here some word from designer â' With a gentle touch on the metallic-like plate, the Flamenca echoes you with the â'dancing modeâ? which creates a soft flowing effect. Pressing and holding on the plate, you may pause at any illumination you want and hold to turn off. The design is an exciting combination of bicolor acrylics and curvy shape that achieves dreamy and bewitching lighting effect. Designed for three fabulous colors, Flamenca is suitable for decorating in multiple lifestyle scenes, including the dinning room, bedroom or any other preferable personal space.â? These beautiful lamps and exciting, with  a contemporary lighting scheme.

Unique Table Lapm Flamenca

Unique Table Lapm Flamenca – glass lamp design

Unique Glass Lamp Flamenca

Unique Glass Lamp Flamenca – desk lamp design

Desk Lamps Flamenca

Desk Lamps Flamenca – unique lamp design

Table Lamp Flamenca

Table Lamp Flamenca – table lamps

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