HomeNew ..! Ino Provence Contemporary Kitchen Design by TOYO

New ..! Ino Provence Contemporary Kitchen Design by TOYO

Contemporary Kitchen Ino Provence White

Contemporary Kitchen Ino Provence White – luxury and unique

If you are looking for a kitchen then entrust your choice at Toyo. Ino Provence is the latest work of contemporary designed.Even though the new kitchen has a vintage-like look it still features contemporary quality and durability. Cabinet doors are made of melamine boards with printed images showing mock-aging. There are three variations of the kitchen available: Brique, Bleach and Rusty. Along with the kitchen cabinets, the company suggests a variety of accessories like classical-style lamps, dining furniture and herb pots. The kitchen floor is made of wood with the best option, with a slightly darker color and adjusted the luxury and unique are created. Appropriate decor adds a romantic ambiance. The window is very strategically placed so that air can go out freely. Leisure and perfection is one key to this kitchen so that we can make the dish more delicious and fresh.

Contemporary Kitchen Ino Provence

Contemporary Kitchen Ino Provence – melamine boards

Contemporary Kitchen Wood Floor

Contemporary Kitchen Wood Floor – three variations

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